Opportunity for all

We're working on that.

The belief that anyone can succeed if they work hard enough is at the core of what America represents.

For kids in the U.S. today, their access to opportunity depends mainly on their parents' income.

We are determined to change that by building a new, redesigned education system that puts the American Dream back within reach of all Americans.


To give every child in the U.S., particularly those living in poverty, the opportunity to succeed in education and life.

The Education Redesign Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education is dedicated to advancing a new model for American education.

The Challenge

The American Dream is slipping away.

Opportunity is now reserved mainly for those who grow up in affluence.

Our education system was designed for a different era, and it doesn't meet the needs of the 21st century knowledge economy.

Solving the problem requires that we find a way to give all kids in Americaregardless of family incomethe education they need.

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Our Vision

We want to redefine education in America. Until now, our concept of education has been limited to what takes place within the walls of our schools.

But it's clear that what takes place outside of school is critically important.

Our model broadens education to include a system of supports and opportunities that levels the playing field for all kids in America, regardless of their family's income.

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What We Do

EDREDESIGN works in three areas:

1. Research: Examine what works, and identify barriers to progress. See our report here.

2. Field work: Work with mayors, school superintendents and civic leaders to build systems that integrate the supports and opportunities kids need to thrive.

3. Movement building: Advance a new vision and model for U.S. public education through advocacy, coalition building and public communication.

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Here's the story.

A brief informal introduction to EdRedesign Delivered by Paul Reville, Founder and Director of the Education Redesign Lab; Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education; and Former Massachusetts Secretary of Education