Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

To ensure the social, emotional, physical, and academic development and well-being of all children and youth, especially those affected by racism and poverty.


Our Vision

All children have clear and accessible pathways to well-being, educational attainment, civic engagement, and upward mobility.  


Our Values 

Our values guide what we do and how we work, aligning our efforts and creating common purpose as we seek to fulfill our mission.


Equity is our north star and our guiding principle. It is central to the ways in which we work and the education, health and well-being, economic mobility, and social justice outcomes we seek.


We believe that place-based collaboration is essential to removing systemic barriers to success for children and youth.  We work in partnership with other organizations in the cradle-to-career field as well as with communities designing cross-sector systems of support and opportunity for children and youth.


We respect and value the expertise and experience of proximate practitioners as well as leaders in national and local, urban, suburban, and rural place-based organizations and cross-sector initiatives. We seek to learn from and with them to advance the cradle-to-career field. 


We have a bold vision for a paradigm shift from school-focused reforms to a broad, holistic model of developmental and educational opportunity for all children and youth.


In striving for excellence, we are open-minded, flexible, curious, innovative, and continuously learning from each other, our partners, and the communities we support.