Michelle Segura

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Events Intern
Events Intern

Michelle Segura works as the events intern at EdRedesign, where she plays a role in helping the planning, producing, and executing internal and external events. She holds an undergraduate degree in architecture from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

Throughout her academic journey, Michelle has focused on understanding how spatial environments influence social behavior, with a particular emphasis on Mexico City. Her projects have spanned diverse topics, ranging from analyzing genocides and combating discrimination to studying elderly communities and recreational projects for kids focuses on education. Additionally, she conducted research on the intersection of sexuality and architecture.

Currently pursuing a master of design (MDes) at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Michelle is driven by the goal of creating narratives that challenge the status quo and generate social mobility. She leverages contemporary tools, techniques, and technologies to craft environments infused with critical thinking, thereby contributing to the realms of architecture, design, and film.

Prior to her role at EdRedesign, Michelle possessed a solid foundation in communication, events, and project management. Her passion for creating meaningful impact led her to actively participate in various housing programs facilitated by non-governmental organizations.