Our Vision

Redesigned and integrated systems of education and child development that enable every child to thrive.


Decades of education reforms in the U.S. have focused on the assumption that changing what happens within the walls of our schools can level the playing field and offer all young people the preparation they need to thrive as adults. However, our schools have been unable to deliver on the promise of American public educationexcellence and equity.

If we think of 'education' as all that prepares young people to thrive as adults, what happens in the classroom is just one piece of the puzzle.

Our vision for the future of education redefines the meaning to encompass all the necessary supports and opportunities from birth to adulthood. The illustration below depicts the components of an education system-a pipeline of supports-that delivers on that promise.

Cradle To Career Pipeline

Personalized Supports and Opportunities

The Education Redesign Lab partners with mayors, superintendents, and civic and community leaders to build integrated education and child development systems able to accelerate positive outcomes for low-income children. Those systems include access to early childhood education, ongoing health and mental health services, after-school and summer enrichment programs, college and career supports, and social networks that expand access to college, jobs, and upward mobility.

In the video below, Paul Reville makes the case for creating a new engine for educationone that re-imagines the role of education as we know it. For a deeper dive into Reville's thinking, watch his 60-minute lecture given in December 2017 at Clark University.

Founding EdRedesign

The Education Redesign Lab was founded in 2014 by Paul Reville, Francis Keppel Professor of Practice of Educational Policy and Administration at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Over the last 30 years, Reville has played a leadership role in national education reform with deep involvement in the Massachusetts success story. He has served as Secretary of Education, as Chairman of the State Board of Education, as a State Board member for more than a decade, as founder of the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy, and as co-founder of the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education. In spite of Massachusetts' outstanding success, deep achievement gaps still persist in the state and across the country. EdRedesign aims to lead the movement to create a new, more comprehensive education model better designed to close those gaps and provide each and every child the support and opportunities they need to be prepared for success.