Memphis: Improving School and Career Readiness Through Cradle-to-Career Collaborative Action and Personalized Opportunities

A Success Planning Community

Image courtesy of Seeding Success
Image courtesy of Seeding Success.


A member of the StriveTogether cradle-to-career network, Seeding Success, a cross-sector collaborative action backbone organization, has been committed to advancing social and economic mobility for children and youth in Shelby County, TN since 2013. Initially focused on the education system, Seeding Success has broadened to focus across all sectors that impact child and youth development.

Seeding Success works to improve outcomes for every child, from cradle to career, by improving the way institutions, community organizations, policies, and resources work together to ensure every family has the resources they need to succeed. To truly improve the existing systems, Seeding Success brings together leaders and organizations from all sectors to analyze data, identify opportunities, and work toward a common goal.

Seeding Success measures its impact based on four shared community goals:

  • Every child is prepared for success in school.
  • Every student graduates ready for college, career, and success in life.
  • Every youth who is not in school is reconnected to education, training, or employment opportunities.
  • Every young adult has access to a postsecondary opportunity or career that can improve their economic and social mobility.

Memphis has received federal Full-Service Community Schools funding and is partnering with Communities in Schools to implement integrated student supports.

In 2019, Seeding Success was invited to a national convening with Blue Meridian Partners, which added Memphis to its Place Matters portfolio in 2020. Led by Seeding Success and the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, More for Memphis is comprised of over 300 community partners working together to tackle inequity in Memphis. More for Memphis aims to increase resources and improve the long-term quality of life for all residents of Memphis and Shelby County by establishing a plan that is community-driven, evidence-based, capacity-building, and sustainable. 


Memphis joined our Institute for Success Planning Community of Practice in 2023 to design and implement a Success Planning strategy that will build upon its existing cradle-to-career place-based partnership work to better serve children and youth.