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Geoffrey Canada

Community leaders from across the country look at the importance of neighborhoods for social and economic mobility

Read about our “Summer Institute: Transforming Place through Neighborhood Leadership,” co-sponsored with the William Julius Wilson Institute at Harlem Children’s Zone, that brought together neighborhood leaders and organizations to accelerate their impact in advancing place-based cradle-to-career solutions for all kids. The Harvard Gazette covered our event in this recent piece.

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Promoting Equity

Promoting equity is at the heart of our work. Through this last year, we have stood with our partner communities around the country in denouncing hatred and racial injustice, and we continue our collaborative work to build more just, coordinated, and equitable systems of support and opportunity for all children.

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Success Planning

Success Planning pairs each child and youth with a caring adult navigator to help them access tailored supports and opportunities based on their individuals needs and interests—both in and out of school.

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Children's Cabinets

Children’s Cabinets are collaborative bodies that align resources, close programming gaps and reduce duplication, and prepare all children to grow and thrive from birth to adulthood.

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