Promoting Equity

Promoting Equity

Our work at EdRedesign is to create equitable opportunities for every child in our country, particularly those from historically marginalized populations.


This mission has become more imperative as both the pandemic and the movement for racial justice have exposed deep, longstanding inequities. As we continue our collaborative work to build more just, coordinated systems of support and opportunity for all children, we are lifting up the work of our community partners and sharing their words with you.


Community Spotlight: Chicago Southland & Craig Park Restoration Project

Craig Park Restoration Project "Phase Two"

Two community leaders, Donzell Franklin and Bridgette Simmons, talk about their role in leading the Craig Park Restoration project in University Park in the Chicago Southland (one of our By All Means communities). This is an effort to strategically redirect the tremendous energy generated through the recent protests against police violence and racism into positive and constructive change. The revitalization of this park will ensure neighborhood kids will have a safe, clean, and beautiful place to play.

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