Success Plans: Promising Tools for Customizing Student Supports and Opportunities (Full Report)

Success Plans report thumbnailApril 2019

Through our Success Plans research project, we examine how personalized plans, tangible tools for identifying children and youth's strengths, interests, and needs and matching them with tailored supports and opportunities, have the potential to reshape our education system.

But such plans are largely underemployed in the education field. We launched the Success Plans project to learn how communities can harness this tool to ensure all children and youth grow and thrive.

Our research report examines several key questions: What types of personalized plans exist? How are plans being developed and implemented and who is using them effectively? How do plans help promote equity and access? What infrastructure is required? And how much do plans cost? In this publication, we describe the emergence of personalized learning and the use of individualized plans, profile 13 different plans from across the country, illuminate key findings, and offer recommendations to guide stakeholders.

Based on our research, we created a toolkit to assist communities in developing and implementing their own Success Plans. Our By All Means partners are currently piloting Success Plans, and we look forward to sharing more about their efforts as the work progresses.