Planning for Student Success During Disruption: A Relationship-based Strategy for Supporting Each Student

Planning for Student SuccessAugust 2020

In this guide, we provide districts and schools with a clear set of actions for integrating Success Planning into reopening efforts that they can apply right now and steps that can be taken in the future depending on capacity and resources. As schools develop their plans for reopening in the midst of COVID-19, it is clear that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for students. In Getting Kids Back on Track (June 2020), we laid out a Success Planning framework for districts and schools to develop a relationship-driven approach to navigating the uncertainty and upheaval of schooling during the pandemic. This guide builds on our framework by identifying strategies for implementing Success Planning aligned with the six action steps outlined in our earlier piece. It will also equip school leaders to enlist teachers and other staff as “adult navigators.”