Cross-Sector Collaboration

By All Means Study

EdRedesign has paired research with its support for communities in order to understand what elements enable and accelerate cross-sector collaboration, as well as what challenges impede it.  The study includes interviews with key leaders and cabinet members in each community and a review of relevant documents and materials. This research culminated in two reports: Building City-Wide Systems of Opportunity for Children (2018) and Sustaining Cross-Sector Systems of Opportunity for Children (2019).

Learn more about our communities’ efforts to strengthen supports and opportunities for children and their progress to date by downloading the publications below. 

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Children's Cabinet Toolkit

Co-developed by the Children’s Funding Project and the Education Redesign Lab (EdRedesgin) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, this toolkit is designed to equip mayors and their staff with practical information and resources to launch a children’s cabinet in their local community. In particular, the toolkit is intended to help mayors accomplish the goals outlined in the EdRedesign’s By All Means (BAM) Measures of Success framework “Committed Leadership” indicator by guiding them through the process of developing a children’s cabinet.

Louisville Teaching Case

This case focuses on Louisville, and centers on the Mayoral point of view, exploring cross-sector collaboration, governance and the changes in Louisville that were made to help support children and families. The case was written in partnership with the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative.

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Partnership for Resilience

EdRedesign's engagement with the Partnership for Resilience has enabled us to learn what it takes to successfully bring together education, health, and civic leaders to jointly address shared concerns to advance health equity.

Download here: Early Lessons in Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools Report