Communities of Practice

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Communities of Practice

EdRedesign works collaboratively across sectors with community leaders such as mayors, superintendents, leaders of health and human service agencies, and leaders of out-of-school time organizations to support the wellbeing and education of children and youth in their communities.

We are committed to not only talking about the equity work that needs doing, but to supporting and learning from those doing it.

No one has yet built a 21st century engine of education and child development that delivers supports and opportunities to all at scale. While we have some design principles and theories about what needs to happen, the real work takes place in communities where there are leaders who share this vision. We aim to learn from the work in a handful of communities where top leadership has embraced our vision and expressed a willingness to expend political and financial capital in an effort to figure out how to get it done.

Current Communities of Practice

By All Means Consortium

By All Means Community of Practice

EdRedesign launched By All Means in February 2016 to support and learn from communities working to rethink education and child development systems.

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Local Children's Cabinet Network

Officially launched in April 2019, the Local Children's Cabinet Network (LCCN) supports children's cabinets in localities across the country. In this network, members are able to learn from both experts and each other about Children's Cabinets as a tool for improving both systems-level governance and population-level outcomes.

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By All Means Convening Catalog

EdRedesign launched By All Means in February 2016 to rethink education and child development systems in partnership with local communities. This catalog shares all of the sessions and associated materials from over five years of convenings. Previous speakers have included U.S. Secretary of Education, John B. King Jr., Angela Glover Blackwell, Michael McAfee, Jack Shonkoff, Julia Freeland Fisher, Ron Heifetz, and Peter Senge, among others.

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