About Our Research

Research plays a critical role in the work of the Education Redesign Lab: it guides our thinking, shapes our ongoing theory development, and provides the basis for our program, policy, and advocacy work. There are five components to our growing research enterprise: 1) field mapping; 2) development of a clearinghouse of promising practices; 3) research briefs; 4) evaluation of laboratory field work; and 5) original research. The Lab’s research in progress includes studies of the implementation of personalized learning in New England states, the integration of school-based health clinics in the San Diego Unified School District, lessons from international initiatives related to the Lab’s focus areas, the creation of the Partnership for Resilience effort in Illinois, and a multi-year study of the By All Means consortium.

As our research enterprise grows, the Lab is developing research-informed tools and guides for implementing collective impact work on behalf of children. Our Measures of Success framework and downloadable workbook are intended to support data-informed community work, and our Learning Differences Guide provides recommendations for meetings the needs of students with learning differences.