Paul Reville: Mayors Are Crucial To Enacting Education Reform

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The winner of Tuesday’s mayoral races across Massachusetts will have a more significant impact on education than the federal government will, said former Secretary of Education Paul Reville on Boston Public Radio Thursday.

“I think the leadership of mayors is critically important,” said Reville. “I’m a believer in what Bruce Katz from Brookings calls and others call, the 'new localism.'”

New localism dictates that in order to enact real change, the country is going to need to look toward influential urban and regional policies. Only then will the U.S. actually see a difference made in education, inequality, climate change and other essential issues. Reville is confident that Massachusetts mayors can be the crux of the necessary educational reforms needed in our state.

“The way to solving many of our most persistent problems in the future is going to sit on the shoulders of mayors,” said Reville. “Mayoral leadership on topics like education is going to be critically important.”