Paul Reville: DeVos' Defense of School Choice 'Lacking In Substantive Content'

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Last week, when Education Secretary Betsy DeVos came to Harvard to address a conference on school choice, she was met with silent protesters holding signs that read "Our Students Are Not 4 Sale" and "White Supremacist."

Harvard Graduate School of Education Professor Paul Reville said that although he disagreed with many of Devos' policy positions, she gave "a superior performance to anything that we've seen out of her to date." However, he said, her defense of school choice was "lacking in substantive content." 

"What was most frustrating to me about her presentation was it was a very broad, 60,000-foot kind of endorsement of choice as a good thing," Reville said

"When it comes to choice in the education sector, it matters a lot how you make the choice available," he continued. "It matters what kind of vouchers you're talking about, what are the regulations governing choice schools, how are they held accountable, how are they financed, what do parents have to pay as opposed to what the state pays."