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Scholastic | November 27, 2017
While no one would argue against the improvement of instruction as a central strategy for improving education, I would argue that it’s not the only thing we need to be doing. Just as a strong principal must be a great deal more than simply an effective instructional leader, so, too,...
HGSE News | November 14, 2017
In this special video edition of the Harvard EdCast, Professor Paul Reville welcomes former U.S. Secretary of Education John King for a discussion about equity in education.
Washington Post | November 7, 2017
Municipal elections are taking place across the country, and over half of the United States’ largest cities have mayoral seats up for grabs. Whether cities have new administrations coming in, or incumbents remaining at their post for another term, now is the time to take a closer look at the...
Providence Journal | August 10, 2017
When I look at my daughter’s summer vacation, her experiences fit together like a brilliant patchwork quilt. She is enjoying several weeks of summer camp, interesting travel with family and friends, horseback riding at her favorite stable, and a week at the beach. Throughout these experiences, she is being stimulated...
Usable Knowledge | August 4, 2017
What does it take to prepare all children to come to school ready to learn? To answer this question, we’ve been thinking about how radically children’s lives differ outside of school, and what it would take to provide individualized support and learning so they can all succeed.
U.S. News & World Report | February 27, 2017
A sunset cruise along Boston's Charles River unravels the story and strengths of this state which opened the first public park, the first colonial college and the first American subway. The spire of Harvard Memorial Church rises majestically near the columns of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the Cambridge...
Nature Human Behaviour | February 14, 2017
Education reform in the United States has stalled and persistent achievement gaps remain. The challenges of overcoming socioeconomic disadvantages cannot be ignored if we are to develop an education system that will prepare all students to be productive members of the twenty-first century.
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston | January 17, 2017
Education reform, which has been vigorously promoted by business and government leaders over the last quarter century, has yielded some progress for America's students, but has failed to achieve the central goals of American public education: excellence and equity. Despite numerous initiatives and deep investments, we face a situation in...
TES USA | November 24, 2016
Like Donald Trump, incoming education secretary Betsy DeVos believes school choice will transform America's mediocre public school system, says Harvard professor Paul Reville. But with a lack of evidence to support its effectiveness she may have to find other answers.
Delaware Online | November 4, 2016
We need to acknowledge that schools, as now constituted, are generally not a strong enough intervention to overcome the many disadvantages of poverty. To be sure, some individuals triumph over the odds, but there continues to be a strong correlation between socioeconomic status and educational achievement and attainment. As a...