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HGSE News | February 23, 2016
The new initiative aims to eliminate the link between children’s socioeconomic status and achievement.
EdSource | February 23, 2016
Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education has chosen Oakland as one of six cities across the nation to participate in a new project aimed at helping city, school and community leaders work together to eliminate the link between children’s socioeconomic status and their academic achievement.
CBS San Francisco | February 23, 2016
The Harvard Graduate School of Education announced Tuesday that it has selected the Oakland Unified School District to be one of six districts in the country to participate in a new program aimed at improving educational outcomes for all students. Harvard officials said the multi-year initiative, which is called, “By...
Louisville Business First | February 23, 2016
Louisville is one of six cities that have been chosen to take part in a major education initiative aimed at removing the link between a child's socioeconomic status and his or her educational success.
Worcester Telegram | December 24, 2015
Clive McFarlane's take on the new ESSA legislation and its implications for children living in poverty.
HGSE News | May 1, 2015
A new initiative will focus on building a new education “engine” for 21st-century success in schools.
Usable Knowledge | October 20, 2014
Eight steps to building an education system that delivers on the promise of excellence and equity
HGSE News | May 4, 2014
Professor Paul Reville’s Education Redesign Lab expands notions of schooling in order to serve all children.