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Providence Journal | January 12, 2017
"In the 1960s, people were inspired to achieve the moon landing," Elorza told the crowd at E-Cubed Academy. "Our moonshot today is about public education. It's the right time to engage the entire community to become the highest-performing district in the entire country. It's possible if we bring in every...
Harvard Ed Magazine | August 23, 2016
When it comes to making change in school, we shouldn't look at educators alone to shoulder the burden.
The Atlantic | May 23, 2016
When it comes to the story of Massachusetts’s public schools, the takeaway, according to the state’s former education secretary, Paul Reville, is that “doing well isn’t good enough.”
Usable Knowledge | May 20, 2016
Even as various reform efforts have sought to address the inequities of educational outcomes in the United States — leading to some improvements in specific areas — deep and persistent gaps in opportunity and achievement remain.
Harvard Gazette | May 18, 2016
They had seen the statistics before. A depressing batch of data on how poor kids don’t perform as well, or achieve as much, as children who grow up financially secure. Higher dropout rates. Dismal SAT scores. Lower wages. A shorter life expectancy.
Harvard Magazine | May 18, 2016
Education experts and political leaders from across the country gathered at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education (HGSE) on Tuesday for the first convening of a new initiative that seeks to combat inequality in American K-12 education.
Salem Tab | March 25, 2016
When Paul Reville was selecting cities to participate in Harvard Graduate School of Education’s groundbreaking “By All Means: Redesigning Education to Restore Opportunity” initiative, he knew what he wanted. “We were looking for a number of cities around the country that have the kind of leadership that has a vision...
Business Insider | March 21, 2016
The best school is the one that teaches kids effectively while also grooming them for life as capable adults. According to Harvard University professor Paul Reville, these schools are few and far between.
Seattle Times | March 19, 2016
BOSTON — For more than a decade, fourth-graders in Massachusetts have been, on average, the most literate children in the country. They also compute at higher levels. The same is true for eighth-graders. And for overall K-12 achievement. | March 16, 2016
STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, MARCH 16, 2016…..The Joint Committee on Education on Tuesday endorsed a summer learning bill that supporters describe as a key toward closing achievement gaps among Massachusetts students.