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July 28, 2018
On the second floor of Nathan Bishop Middle School, students are teaching younger students in an effort to curb summer learning loss. This summer, the City of Providence and the School Department are going all in to keep students from losing academic ground during vacation.
July 27, 2018
What exactly is the role of government? A few years ago, when I was Alameda County public health director, a local politician stunned me with his answer to that question.
Somerville Patch | June 21, 2018
The tuition-free, out-of-school program supports underserved middle and high school students in Boston, Cambridge and now Somerville.
Usable Knowledge | June 1, 2018
A roadmap for comprehensive, collaborative, and citywide approaches to education reform. If you’re a school or city leader in almost any municipality in America, you’re confronting entrenched achievement gaps that consign lower-income, English learning, or minority students to poorer outcomes. Your city has any number of programs to support families,...
HGSE News | May 17, 2018
At a convening on May 15, the Education Redesign Lab wraps up the first phase of By All Means and takes a look at what's to come.
HGSE News | May 14, 2018
In February 2016, the Harvard Graduate School of Education announced the launch of By All Means: Redesigning Education to Restore Opportunity , a 2.5 year initiative aimed at supporting mayors and superintendents in leading cities to develop integrated systems of education and child well-being to close achievement gaps. As the...
Usable Knowledge | May 11, 2018
Oakland wants every student to have the resources to attend college—and early successes offer lessons for school and city leaders everywhere. Educators and policymakers from every pocket of the United States have committed to increasing college access for minority and low-income students, but it remains an elusive goal.
Usable Knowledge | March 22, 2018
The connection is clear: Closing persistent achievement gaps between advantaged and less-advantaged students will require paying much more attention to what happens in the hours after school and over the summer . Those are the moments when higher-income children are more likely to gain enrichment — and expand their learning...
The Philadelphia Citizen | March 19, 2018
When Joseph Curtatone, the mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts, hears about a problem in a local school—low attendance rate, or dropping scores, or incidents of violence—he doesn’t just reach out to his schools superintendent, or to principals, to find out what can be done to solve it. Instead, the Mayor of...
San Francisco Chronicle | March 15, 2018
Abby Friedman was thrilled when she got a text this week from one of the students she counsels at the college resource center at Coliseum College Preparatory Academy in Oakland — the teen had been accepted at Wesleyan University. Friedman texted back to ask whether the school said anything about...