Field Work

Partnership for Resilience

Since the spring of 2015, the Education Redesign Lab has partnered with the Partnership for Resilience to accelerate collaboration between the Illinois Education Association (the NEA affiliated teacher’s union) and the Illinois chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Lab’s engagement with the Partnership for Resilience has provided learnings about what it takes to successfully bring together education, health, and civic leaders to jointly address shared concerns in both urban and rural communities. Currently, the Partnership's pilot communities are focused on ensuring students have access to health care and are developing trauma-informed schools that are designed to address the mental and behavioral health needs of children who have experienced toxic stress.

In addition to bringing statewide attention to the issue of trauma-informed practices and providing professional development to educators and health care providers, the Partnership has engaged in on-the-ground support to communities in the Southland area outside of Chicago, a community with a high percentage of low-income students affected by trauma. This on-the-ground engagement with the Southland districts has been well received locally and has already yielded powerful student-facing interventions in the short time of this initiative. 

Early successes in the Southland and the large numbers of educators that have attended state wide trainings offered by the Partnership for Resilience have led the group to investigate and plan for a second field work engagement in the rural delta region of southern Illinois. To learn more about the launch and early lessons of the Partnership for Resilience, check our their report, Early Lessons in Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Creating School-Health-Community Partnerships to Improve the Lives of Children