Field Work

About Our Field Work

We are committed to not just talking about the equity work that needs doing, but to actually doing it. No one has yet built a 21st century engine of child development and education that delivers success to all at scale. While we have some design principles and theories about what needs to happen, the real work takes place in communities where there are leaders who share this vision. We aim to immerse ourselves in this work – laboratory work – in a handful of communities where top leadership has embraced our vision and expressed a willingness to expend political and financial capital in an effort to figure out how to get it done. Our work will be informed by and build upon successes associated with prior initiatives in this area, such as full-service/community schools, the Harlem Children’s Zone, and various collective impact efforts.

In addition to our By All Means initiative, we are currently engaged in field work in the state of Illinois where we have supported a new Partnership for Resilience, a ground-breaking collaboration between the Illinois Education Association and the Illinois chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The partnership is working to address the health needs of students through professional development and on-site services in a group of districts south of Chicago.